Entertainment App Development and Monetization Tips!

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To come up with a groundbreaking idea for entertainment & media app development and turning that idea into reality is just a start. Figuring out how to make money is a critical part. But, it’s never too late to monetize your mobile app! In this blog, we have got you covered with some tips for entertainment app development and monetization.


Ways to make money with them through Entertainment apps

Customers usually go to the app markets either PlayStore or AppStore, in two cases. Firstly, when they are looking for a solution to their problem. Secondly, they develop entertainment apps that can both entertain the users and bring profit to the owners.


There’s no need to describe a list containing all the features of entertainment applications as it can vary depending on different ideas. The only common thing is - entertainment and bringing a great mood.


For any XYZ startup, it’s more important to figure out to choose their business model for gaining maximum profit. One of the best options here is to study your competitors and similar existing apps, and then to figure out what kind of strategy or monetization tactics they apply to make money.


How To Monetize Your Entertainment App Post-development?

Figure out what monetization type prevails among various apps available in marketplaces of iOS and Android. Here are the types:


Free apps - The first positions in the category of the free apps take applications using the in-app-purchase feature, which means that the users may have to pay to use some additional features of the app, available only after you make certain purchases. Users might need to make in-app purchases to open new levels in games, or to view some premium content.


Paid Apps - This category in media & entertainment app development solutions contains apps that allow users to perform various modifications like changing their voices and other features like editing audio records or some specific items. Users need to pay before they download such kinds of apps.


Grossing Apps - This category has the majority of apps that are related to streaming features. It allows users to live-stream their favorite shows, movies, channels, etc.


The categories are almost similar for both Android and iOS platforms. The only difference is in the category of paid apps. iOS devices have more of the paid apps as not all apps are supported or are available on AppStore. While free and grossing app categories are more of Android favorites.


To get more familiar with what business model and monetization plan would fit your preferences and needs, just think of your target audiences and the platform that they would prefer. After this, you can get done with the monetization approach, or in fact, you can even change the idea of your entertainment app development to select a perfect niche as per your audience.


Attract Customers to Your Entertainment App Post-Development. How?

When you have a defined target audience for your entertainment app, you need to plan an engagement strategy, which means that you need to plan that how your app would be acquiring users and engaging them before you get into the entertainment app development process.


Entertainment apps rarely solve any real-life problems, so users don’t need them. To draw their attention you need to bring something unique and very appealing to them.


If you are confused or have any difficulties with entertainment app development ideas, we have got you covered with some tips, which you can use as a piece of advice.


Providing the best first-time user experience - A quarter of total users quit apps because either they don’t like the design, or the user interface seems to be confusing, or they not able to understand how to use it?


Tip - Add tutorials or provide your users with a short guide.


Adding Social features - When users like your UI/UX, they wish to share the same with their family and friends. They need an option to share whatever they found interesting.


Simplified Registration - This is the best option for gathering users’ data. Experience has shown that if the process of registration is tiring or lengthy, users abandon it.


Tip - allow registration via Facebook or any other social media.


Steps for Entertainment & Media App Development

Planning - There are varieties of activities that can be performed on an entertainment app. Decide on the type of your entertainment app after making research on industry trends for your area.

Designing - Design your app to be more UI/UX focused. The way how a user interacts with your entertainment app has a great influence.

Development - Having gained a complete and proper understanding of your target audience, try to develop and deliver an ultimate experience to your users.

Release - Before release, make sure that your app is properly bug-free, tested, and ready for users.

Ongoing support - Broadcast latest updates to users and engage them regularly using the push-notification feature.


We can help you!


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