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Everything You Need to Know About an LMS Software!

by sophiaconsagous on 05-19-2021 05:58AM in Information Tech (IT)

A Learning Management System is a web-based platform or software designed and developed for the creation, management, and delivery of e-learning courses. LMS software can be used for both corporate and educational purposes as well. Continue reading the blog, if you want to learn about the fundamentals of LMS and about how education mobile app development helps your business.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine in 2021

by sophiaconsagous on 05-14-2021 04:25AM in Information Tech (IT)

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the healthcare industry. The past two years have been exponentially growing for the healthcare organizations that have invested in AI. Today, we would discuss the benefits and notable applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and medicine in the form of telemedicine app development services.

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Entertainment App Development and Monetization Tips!

by on 05-11-2021 07:23AM in Information Tech (IT)

With online dating apps trending now - more than ever before! Are you interested in knowing about media & entertainment app development or creating a dating app like Tinder and how much it costs? In this blog, we will tell you all about how a dating app works, its creation, and the cost of development.

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MWDC Now Allows Posting in Up to 50 Categories and 100 Locations!!!

by on 09-03-2018 06:46AM in Web Programming, Web Hosting, Marketing, Information Tech (IT), Graphic Design, General Website Design, General Web Services

Now, with a Featured or Full-Featured Listing, you gain the ability to list your business in up to fifty (50) categories, and in up to one hundred (100) locations in the USA!!!

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List Your Web or Tech Based Business for FREE...

by on 08-08-2017 12:32PM in Marketing, Information Tech (IT), Graphic Design, General Website Design, General Web Services, Web Hosting, Web Programming

Announcing an advertising portal for web & tech professionals alike!

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